Explanation of Formats

The 'Web' version is the default that is displayed on this site. It loads the book as a page right on the site. No additional software is necessary. Probably the easiest version for reading online.
This 'Printable' version is recommended if you just want to simply and quickly print off the document onto your printer. It contains all the formatting (bold, italics, images, etc) that you would expect, but doesn't clutter the page with menus and other stuff, that should only be on the web.
This version is only for the technically inclined. It is not readable in this form. It is the source by which all the other versions on this site are derived. Most people will have no use for it. Special software would be required to make any use of it.
Adobe PDF
PDF Files are a widely popular format of electronic documents. This version offers more features than many of the others. It includes a linked table of contents, PDF bookmarks, page numbers, etc. This version is often preferred for storage on your local computer.
Plain Text
This is the most basic of formats. It contains no special formatting. Everything is in plain ASCII text. This version is useful if you cannot handle many of the other versions. Also, in some cases, it is the easiest to use, if you simply want to cut and paste a large portion of a document.